Preyas Sales is a well established authorized partner for various industrial instrumentation and automation products. The company is based in Nashik, since 2006 has proven to be the most reliable and trustworthy to their customers. The products that we supply are exemplary and standard setters. Every year we increase our product range to help our clients as well as the prospects to get a better product and customer service from us.

Preyas has earned distinction for designing sustainable solutions that help companies achieve their productivity goals and keep the cost of ownership low. Preyas offers a complete range of Instrumentation & Automation, In Motion and Static Weighing Solutions, Electrical Actuators, and Industrial Pump Solutions, Refrigeration Solutions to name a few.

We, at Preyas Sales dedicated to providing solutions for our customers through the use of our products. Innovation, Resourcefulness and Commitment to our customers’ goal in the supply of our products and solutions will better prepare our customers for a more competitive future. The success of our customers is the foundation of a prosperous future for Preyas. These opportunities are only possible because of you, The Customer.