Linear Actuator (TR Modified Series)

Main Application of TR – MODIFIED Series Actuators is for Slower Operation of Large Size Flap Gates, Dampers, Slide Gates & Gates especially used in Batching / Blending Plants requiring SLOW OPEN – CLOSE Control.
  • Provided with in-built torque / overload limit switches, with the actuator. The limit switch will have IP–65 protection.
  • Standard actuators are available in foot cum hollow shaft, flange mounted design.
  • Most suitable for operation in remote – auto mode through PLC / DCS.
  • Provided with standard 3 phase, TEFC motor with IP-55 protection.
  • Manual operation facility is standard feature for Tracs actuator.
  • Optional position transmitter provided with one of the standard o / ps ;
    • ANALOG viz. 0 – 135 / 1K / 2K OHMS, 0 – 20 mA, 0 – 5 V DC.
    • DIGITAL SIGNAL viz. Pulse thru Optical Encoder, RS – 485, RS – 232C.
    • Custom Built.
  • Optional in-built end travel limit switches having 1no+1nc contacts supplied.
  • Optional external travel limiting switches can be provided for fitment on the driven equipment surface.
  • Threaded output shaft provided on request, for rising spindle applications.