Linear Actuator (TRFG – Series)

Most ideal and developed specifically for Operation of DIVERTOR GATES, SLIDE GATES, VERTICAL GUILLOTINE DAMPERS, Etc. These Actuators have higher Safety Margin on Thrust developed and specifically designed to Operate at lower Speed with High Thrust Output for a typical OPEN – CLOSE ACTUATOR POSITION APPLICATIONS.

  • Provided with in-built torque / overload limit switches, with the actuator.
  • Can be installed in any direction.
  • Most suitable for operation in remote – auto mode through PLC / DCS.
  • Provided with standard 3 phase, TEFC motor with IP-55 protection.
  • Manual operation facility is standard feature in event of power failure.
  • Optional in-built end travel limit switches having 2no+2nc contacts can be supplied.