The YS1000 series carries over the superior control performance and reliability of the YS80/YS100 series with a high degree of compatibility, and adds a color LCD and enhanced networking functions to bring you a next-generation single loop controller that’s revolutionary in its ease of use.

  • YSS1000 Setting Software
  • Uses a full dot matrix color LCD display for wide variety of screens.
  • Designed with a lightweight, compact case for Greater freedom of instrumentation.
  • Advanced programming tool to reduces engineering costs.
  • Dual CPU and hard manual control for control output backup.
  • Ethernet (Modbus TCP), Modbus, expansion I/O, and peer-to-peer communication to offer a highly scalable system.

US1000 Digital Indicating Controller

The US1000 Digital Indicating Controller has bright LED bar displays, and a variety of advanced control and custom computation functions. Operations and […]