UT Advanced UT75A

The Enhanced Performance, Usability, and Flexibility Meet the Advanced Control Needs in a Wide Variety of Applications.

Enhancing Productivity by Managing a Variety of Recipes

  • Switching between 20 Recipes
    • Increasing yield by managing a variety of recipes
  • Program pattern operatio
    • Program pattern consists of up to 20 segments
    • 2-loop program pattern can be operated
  • Easy to switch between recipes with a PLC
    • Since CC-Link, Profibus, and DeviceNet are supported, it is easy to link to a PLC that manages recipes

Reducing Engineering Costs and Peripheral Dev

  • Simplifying ladder programs
    • Multi-line ladder programs such as numerical calculation can be turned into a single line using a custom ladder instruction.]
  • External calculators and sequence control circuits (relay, timer, etc.) can be reduced
    • Complex I/O offset calculation and alarm sequence control can be accomplished using a ladder program
  • Communication with a PLC is possible without using any program
    • CC-Link, Profibus, and DeviceNet are supported (optional)

Protecting Knowledge of Users

  • Custom arithmetic expressions can be created using a ladder program
    • Multi-line ladder programs such as numerical calculation can be simplified into a single line using a custom ladder program
    • Custom ladder programs are securely managed using passwords

Inheriting and Enhancing the UT750

  • 2-loop control with a single controller
    • 2-loop synchronous and independent operation is available
    • Program pattern operation and constant value operation are available for 2-loop control
  • A variety of arithmetic instructions and large capacity ladder programs
    • 15 basic instructions and 111 application instructions
    • Ladder program capacity up to 1,000 steps
  • Advanced arithmetic instructions are available
    • Square root, exponential, and logarithmic calculations are available
    • Temperature/humidity and CP calculations are available

Reducing Downtime

  • Universal input and output
    • A single backup controller can be used for different control objects with different types of sensors and heaters/actuators
  • Simple parameter setting and transition using an LL50A
    • Parameters can be set on other controllers just by copying them
    • Parameters can be set before mounting the controller to the panel
    • Parameters can be set without power supply for the controller