MVAdvanced® MV1000/MV2000

MVAdvanced portable paperless recorders are high performance and easy to use test instruments that handle a wide range of measurements in your lab, plant, or test stand. MVAdvanced has powerful stand-alone data logging capability, and it connects easily to your network to bring your test data directly into your PC environment.

  • Multi-channel universal inputs
  • MV1000: up to 24 input channels
  • MV2000: up to 48 input channels
  • Connecting with the MW100 DAQMASTER series enables expansion to up to 300 input channels
  • Secure, high capacity memory
  • Internal memory: 400 MB
  • External Storage Media: CF card and USB memory
  • Removable input terminals simplify field wiring
  • Light-weight aluminum construction (MV2000)
  • Choice of secure binary or versatile text data file formats
  • Advanced network connectivity with Email, file transfer, and web server functions.