Paperless Recorders Daqstation® series

MVAdvanced® MV1000/MV2000

MVAdvanced portable paperless recorders are high performance and easy to use test instruments that handle a wide range of measurements in your lab, plant, or test stand. MVAdvanced has powerful stand-alone data logging capability, and it connects easily to your network to bring your test data directly into your PC environment.   Multi-channel universal inputs […]




Control & Program Control Integration of Control and Recorder Functions Measurement & Memory Versatile and Flexible Recording Functions to Increase Data Acquisition Efficiency in the Field Operation Operations Handled Using High-Resolution Display and Simple Key Inputs   Monitoring Standard Quick-start Monitoring Screens Communication Communication with Digital Indication Controllers (Green Series) Modbus Communications Open / Network […]


At YOKOGAWA, we are committed to the “quality first, customer first” principle in all areas of our business, including product design, research and development, and sales and services. The new FX1000 paperless recorder exceeds customer expectations for quality, high performance and capability- at a price that meets the needs of a cost-sensitive market.   Intuitive […]



DXAdvanced® Removable Chassis Model DX1000N

The new DXAdvanced DX1000N features an inner chassis that can be removed from the case via the front panel of the instrument. This provides access to all of the internal components of the DX1000N from the control panel without having to access the rear of the unit or disturb any of the field and power […]

DXAdvanced® DX1000T/DX2000T

Intuitive touch operation Increases operator efficiency and menu navigation speed Pressure-sensitive touch screen that gloved users can operate Combined touch operation and key controls – your choice! Use the touch screen to navigate all display and function menu selections, and to quickly input text information Use the traditional control keys for all setting menu operations […]



DXAdvanced® DX1000/DX2000

Basic Functions Up to 48 channels of input Start/stop recording by batch, and create data files Expandable to up to 348 channels with the MW100 automatic connection function Internal memory increased to 400 MB Enables control of calibration correction scheduling Automatically creates template-based Excel spreadsheets    Display & Operation Arrange the display your way with […]