Metering Pumps

HD Series Pumps

The HD series pumps is a hydraulic actuated diaphragm pump up to 7000 LPH and pressure 100 bars.

hd series pumps

screw pumps

Screw Pumps

The “Screw” pumps are progressive cavity type (Screw) pumps. “Screw” Pumps gives steady flow without pulsations, with minimum turbulence.

PL Series Pumps

The PL series Pumps are plunger type dosing pump with the capacities up to 7000 LPH and pressure 200 bars.

pl series pumps

Tripos Pumps

“Tripos ” series is a high pressure plunger type pumps. The maximum capacity of Tripos pumps is up to 25 m3/hr with maximum delivery pressure up to 800kg/cm2.

tripos pumps

ant pumps

ANT Pumps

The “ANT” dosing pumps are available from 0 LPH – 20 LPH. They are very compact in size with light weighting and robust structure.

MD Series Pumps

The MD series pumps are motorized mechanical diaphragm pumps. These are devices for the application of water treatment. The capacity available with these series is up to 250 LPH.

MD Series