Belt Weighers (PM)

Multi Station Belt Weigher TAB

The Multi station Belt weigher TAB is a weighing frame comprising 2 or 3 idler stations utilised in integrating belt scales. They are suitable for process applications where high accuracy is required (weighing for trade purposes, class 1 – production control of low density commodities with a relatively low throughout. They consist of: one supporting […]



Single station Belt Weigher FX

The Single station Belt Weigher FX is a weighing frame with a single idler station utilised in integrating belt scales designed for production weighing applications, comprising: two adjustable height weighing units with integral load cells a single idler station with special rollers for extremely low build-in height This new technology has enabled the design of […]

Speed Roller

Roller with integrated sensor, driven by friction under the carrying strand of the belt Easy assembly to replace a station roller for 89 mm diameter and length between 180 mm and 300 mm. Provide a specific support with mounting/adaptation between two stations for a different diameter or length Outside diameter 105 mm 20/14 Hinge pin […]