In Motion

Rail Weigh Bridge

Senlogic Combo rail in motion weiging system designed in accordance with the worldwide requirement RAILWAYS/RDSO . The system design is very Simple yet powerfull , allow you to install the system in short span even at a very narrow curved line . The system has been designed with new and simple alograthim to deduct comaplex […]



Full Draft Rail In Motion Weighing System

SENLOGIC’s “DS 505 & DL 405” In-motion Weighing System overcomes many of the limitation inherent of conventional static weighing systems by being able to weigh wagons on the move. The state of art highly sophisticated yet simple in-motion weighing system has been designed and developed indigenously. With conventional systems, each wagon has to be uncoupled […]

In Motion Rail Weigh Bridge

Rail In Motion Weighing System concept : Sensing will be through tracking Switches. The track Switches will be rugged and weatherproof. They will be of non contact type of proximity sensors and will perform the following functions. (a). Non contact type Track Switches will be provided  to sense approach of the train from either direction, […]



Static Rail Weighing System

With the thorough knowledge of the varied aspects of the market, we have been able to provide the customers with a commendable assortment of Static Rail Weighing System. Specifically designed to meet the variegated demands of diverse industrial weighing application, the range is widely appreciated by the clients for flexibility and excellent performance. Our range […]

Electronic Rail in Motion Weigh Bridge

The entire range of products can be easily installed in a short span of time without hindering the flow of traffic. Owing to the several qualitative attributes, these products are highly acclaimed in the industry. Load Sensors (a) Type : Strain gauge, hermitically sealed (b) Protection class : IP 68 (c) No of strain gauges […]



Rail In Motion Weighing System

This range of products is known for the following qualitative features: Automatic direction selection Advanced over speed indicator High speed and high accuracy Well built and maintenance free Automatic correction of gain & zero  Specifications: Fix on embedded – rail mounted sensor with hermetically sealed Pit / Pitless design option under single roof High speed […]