Hydraulic Actuated Diaphragm Pump

hydraulic actuated diaphragm pump

We offer our clients with a durable and sturdy collection of actuated diaphragm pump that is widely used in hydraulics and various industries.

Fabricated using impeccable quality raw material, these pumps are capacitated with the following features:

  • Metering accuracy is almost independent of back pressure
  • Flow rate is linear to stroke length variation
  • Diaphragm is always balanced between the pressures exerted by the hydraulic oil and the liquid to be dosed
  • Longer diaphragm life
  • Automatic air bleeding from the hydraulic oil to ensure better metering accuracy
  • Arrangement of in-built pressure relief valve to protect the pump from pressure exceeding the rated pressure
  • Rupture indication arrangement (RIA) facility available that are provided with sandwich of two diaphragms
  • Provided with pressure sensing device that can sense the rupture of any one of the diaphragms
  • Detachable liquid head of the drive side for use in hazardous conditions
  • Head & drive are coupled by hydraulic oil in flexible tube

The technical specifications of these pumps are:

  • Model: HD 1011, HD 2017, HD 3530, HD 6040
  • Capacity: Up to 7000 LPH
  • Pressure: Up to 100-KG
  • CM2 Capacity: Can be varied from 0 to the maximum
  • Material of construction: (PTFE Diaphragm) AISI 304, AISI 316, Monel, Alloy 20, Hastalloy B, Polypropelene, hastalloy C, titanium, GFT
  • Duties: Sodium hypochlorite, ceramic slurry, hazardous acids, aggressive liquids. Food products