ANT Pumps

The “ANT” dosing pumps are available from 0 LPH – 20 LPH. They are very compact in size with light weighting and robust structure. These are diaphragm type pumps. The diaphragm is made out of PTFE backed by hyphalon. The Pumps are generally provided with standard accessories like LDPE tubing on suction & discharge side, spring loaded injection valves, strainer cum foot valve, antisiphoning valve. The Ant pumps can also be provided with automatic flow switches and level controllers. These pumps are 100% indigenous pumps. These pumps have special features to vary stroke length & frequency (strokes/min) at a time to set the correct flow requirement. The Ant pumps are best suitable for applications in water & wastewater treatment, fuel metering, other chemicals dosing in many process industries.