Screw Pumps

screw pumps

The “Screw” pumps are progressive cavity type (Screw) pumps. “Screw” Pumps gives steady flow without pulsations, with minimum turbulence. “Screw” pumps are simple in design and easy for maintenance. The maximum capacity up to 50 m3/hr having maximum delivery pressure is up to 6 bar. “Screw” pumps can be used for slurries or pastes upto 5, 00,000 centipoise having temperature between 500c to 3500c. The pumps are available in MOCs like SS316, SS304, CS etc for Rotor & Housing and Neoprene, PTFE, Viton etc for stator. These pumps are mostly used in process industries like Food, Pharma, Paper, Power, Fertilizer, Chemical, Sugar etc. Our pumps are best suitable for Effluent Treatment & Water Treatment Chemicals & Slurries. Along with screw pumps “Positive Metering Pumps Company” also have dosing pumps in plunger & diaphragm and high pressure triplex pumps. Company also makes skid mounted dosing system and industrial mixer.