Tripos Pumps

tripos pumps

“Tripos ” series is a high pressure plunger type pumps. The maximum capacity of Tripos pumps is up to 25 m3/hr with maximum delivery pressure up to 800kg/cm2. All the pumps in the Tripos series are designed for almost any medium depending upon the chemical and physical properties of the liquid to be handled. The liquid end part can be equipped with Cooling, Heating or Flushing systems depending upon the application. These pumps are best suitable for Boiler Feed, Reverse Osmosis, Spray Dryer, Homogeniser, etc like applications. These pumps are mostly used in process industries like food, Pharma, paper, power, fertilizer, chemical, ETP and WTP etc. Along with high pressure triplex pumps “Positive Metering Pumps Company” also have dosing pumps in plunger & diaphragm and screw pump. Company also makes skid mounted dosing system and industrial mixers.