Full Draft Rail In Motion Weighing System

SENLOGIC’s “DS 505 & DL 405” In-motion Weighing System overcomes many of the limitation inherent of conventional static weighing systems by being able to weigh wagons on the move.

The state of art highly sophisticated yet simple in-motion weighing system has been designed and developed indigenously. With conventional systems, each wagon has to be uncoupled from those adjacent to it, and then carefully positioned and parked on the Weighbridge before its weight can be recorded.

To overcome time factor in the weighing, Senlogic DS 505 & DL 405 In-motion Weighing System can automatically identify the direction, type of wagon, engine and revoke the weight of wagon axle by axle or bogie by bogie by bogie without any manual operation, thus ensuring weighment accuracy.

DS 505 & DL 405 intelligent, innovative system is designed to detect the different type of wagons to initiate the axle or bogie weighing. Also it automatically detects the different type of engines and eliminates its weighment. The speed of wagon is directly related to the accuracy of weighment.

The scope of supply covers Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, erection, testing, & Commissioning of 120 T, Pit-less Rail In-Motion cum Static  Weighing System deploying Full Draft Technology. The Weighing System with necessary accessories will be manufactured as per relevant standards.


The weighment starts when the front bogie (of the wagon) comes to the first weigh zones and then the bogie is again weighed on the second zone, at the same time the second bogie (of the wagon) comes to the first weigh zones, it is weighed as bogie.  Since the full wagon is now placed in the two weigh zone, the full wagon is also weighed also the second bogie is weighed again when it comes to the second zone.


Senlogic offer both non contact and contact type of track switches to suit the specific type of application. The track switches are placed on either side to identify the direction of movement, speed of the wagon and type of the wagon and roll back counts during the vecho9le roll back.

The track switch is designed with max care to with stand the dynamic load and vibration acting on the track. The switches are placed d100 mm apart to deduct the vehicle

The weighing ticket format will as follows

(a) Wagon No

(b) Wagon ID

(c) Product

(d) Suppliers Name

(e) Speed of Wagon

(f)  Date , Time in / Time out

(g) Customer Name

(h) Gross Weight

(i)  Tare Weight

(j)  Net Weight

(k) Weighment Status

The system can generate report as detailed below.