In Motion Rail Weigh Bridge

Rail In Motion Weighing System concept :

Sensing will be through tracking Switches. The track Switches will be rugged and weatherproof. They will be of non contact type of proximity sensors and will perform the following functions.

(a). Non contact type Track Switches will be provided  to sense approach of the train from either direction, for speed measurement, to discriminate type of axle combination, to define weighing zone, to  “ start & stop “ Weighing cycle “

Software Output:

Each Weigh Bridge will have independent Digitizers for processing the signal generated by the strain gauges and that by track switch logic. The DS 505 Digitizer will be housed in a sheet metal fabricated panel suitably reinforced. The panel will be of floor mounting type and will be of dust and vermin proof and will conform to IP: 55 protection class .A block diagram of the processor is enclosed.

The Digitizer will have microprocessor based circuitry with solid state integrated circuits to effect fast and reliable operation.. The Digitizer is constructed to the highest international standards, embodies the latest techniques and utilizes the best components to ensure highest possible reliability and integrity, even when used in harsh industrial environment. .The system can operate over a wide temperature range without affecting the accuracy and reliability the multiprocessor technology of the system allows independent processing of weight, rack logic and communication ensuring fast and accurate weighment. The system automatically monitor movement of wagon to initiate weigh cycle .Wagon movement on the Weigh Bridge is identified by Track Switch ,placed on either side of the track switch to detect direction , type of wagon , start and stop weighment.

  • Power Supply to the Digitizer will be 230V, ±10 %, 50 Hz, Single phase AC. A Voltage stabilizer / Line Conditioner will also be provided. The other features, facilities are detailed below.
  1. Modular construction
  2. Analog digital converter with filter
  3. RFI /EMI signal protection to provide high level of signal integrity even in harsh Industrial environment.
  4. Automatic zero maintenance
  5. Diagnostic facility
  6. Auto calibration
  7. Built in surge arrester for protection electronic circuits
  8. 25 mm digital display and real time clock to display date and time
  9. RS 232 interfaces and Centronics parallel interface to the printer
  10. RS 422 serial port
  11. Option for operation of Weighing System with the help of Digitizer without the help of PC (in case of failure of PC)
  12. Pass Word Protection
  13. Auto / manual mode of operation of the system
  14. System will ignore Locos
  15. All the control logic in the system will be achieved through semi conductor devices and will be free of relay logic.