Rail Weigh Bridge

Senlogic Combo rail in motion weiging system designed in accordance with the worldwide requirement RAILWAYS/RDSO . The system design is very Simple yet powerfull , allow you to install the system in short span even at a very narrow curved line . The system has been designed with new and simple alograthim to deduct comaplex engine and wagon’s track pattern . The improved Rail Sensor design allow our comborail fit for even short span of Straight Line requirement even less than 45Mts . The user has get wide choice for the software ,inter connectivity vie Ethernet , GMS ,USB. The system can be simple pit and Pitless design.

  1. Fix on embedded – rail mounted sensor with hermetically sealded
  2. Pit / Pitless design option under single roof
  3. High speed and High accuracy
  4. Automatic correction of gain & zero
  5. Automatic Identification of Wagon and Engine
  6. Automatic Direction selection
  7. Auto Roll back up to 65000 wheels
  8. Direct print out of Rake information
  9. RDSO approved.
  10. Approved under CLASS 0.2 As per OIML/LM
  11. Advanced over speed indicator
  12. Modular design for Silo and RLS loading
  13. High mv/v output with reduced SNR
  14. Inbuilt surge and lightning arrester
  15. Well built and maintenance free
  16. Weather proof design