Static Rail Weighing System

With the thorough knowledge of the varied aspects of the market, we have been able to provide the customers with a commendable assortment of Static Rail Weighing System. Specifically designed to meet the variegated demands of diverse industrial weighing application, the range is widely appreciated by the clients for flexibility and excellent performance. Our range is so designed that it can take 100 conversions per second, excite up to 12 load cells and translate noisy signals into stable & accurate weight display.

The Static cum Full Draft system consists of two identical weighing zones, to have the weight of the wagon measured in full.  This two active weigh zone of about 3.6mts each are separated by a dummy region of 6.5mts, in between.  Hermitically sealed sensors Total 16 Nos (4 Pairs on each side) are fixed inside the concrete sleepers and these concrete sleepers are laid in parallel with other existing sleepers, weighing rails are then laid on these sleepers.  Track Switches are mounted on the side of the rails.  The necessary cables are connected, run thru to the Digitizer.  The Digitizer is then connected to a PC and Printer for further data processing and output.


The weighment starts when the front bogie (of the wagon) comes to the first weigh zones and then the bogie is again weighed on the second zone, at the same time the second bogie (of the wagon) comes to the first weigh zones, it is weighed as bogie.  Since the full wagon is now placed in the two weigh zone, the full wagon is also weighed also the second bogie is weighed again when it comes to the second zone.

Highlights of the range are:

  • Large LCD display
  • Real time clock
  • Fully software calibration
  • Two serial communication ports
  • Complete record entry
  • User programmable ticket format
  • 512 K used on-board NVRAM
  • ESP event-driven processing
  • Excitation up to 12 no’s of load
  • More than 10,000 transactions
  • Extended information of 5000 trucks
  • Advanced front-end-circuitry a 24-bit A/D converter
  • Remote calibration through host or terminal
  • Ps/2 keyboard port
  • Large input range
  • Serial/Parallel selectable printer port
  • The weighing ticket format will as follows

(a)  Wagon No

(b)  Wagon ID

(c)  Product

(d)  Suppliers Name

(e)  Speed of Wagon

(f)   Date , Time in / Time out

(g)  Customer Name

(h)  Gross Weight

(i)   Tare Weight

(j)   Net Weight

(k) Weighment Status

The system can generate report as detailed below.