Payloader Monitoring System

Helper P 7 is most simples in design and best one in accuracy and it repeatability.

The system works on the principle of that the pressure acting on lifting cylinder is proportional to the load on the bucket. The pressure in the lifting cylinder is tapped at a location where the bucket will be parallel to the ground to achieve repeatability. The low level signal from the pressure sensor is amplified and filtered by the high precision monolithic A/D converter and converted into Digital format. The digitized data is being further processed and store according to the customer need and application.


The Helper P7 is state of art in weighing automation. The Helper P7 combines all of the following features.

  1. Incremental weighing that starts from Zero and proceeds to the desired weight.
  2. Know the exact quantity of the materials you are loading / selling.
  3. Optimize your vehicle load and prevent under and over load charges.
  4. Speed up the loading process.
  5. Know the exact production of the each wheel loaders.
  6. Automatic zero setting every time the system is turned on.
  7. Manual zero setting as required.
  8. Display of each single weight being loaded.
  9. Automatic or manual addition of all single weights loaded.
  10. Manual deduction of single weights that have been either partially unloaded or incorrectly weighed.
  11. 40 different article names.
  12. A memory card option that downloads in to a Personal Computer in the following detail
  13. Customer name, Total and grand total weights of all different articles loaded, product loaded, date time of loading
  14. RS 232 serial port option for radio frequency transmission.
  15. 680 different customer name